Safe Harbor is pleased to welcome our new Executive Director

Kendra Wyckoff

Kendra brings 15-years of experience in the anti-violence movement as advocate, trainer, and domestic and sexual violence programming director to her position. Most recently Kendra was the Executive Director of the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition, the federally recognized domestic violence coalition for Utah. Kendra welcomes the opportunity to work in the community where she lives to create a society where violence and abuse are not tolerated. Welcome to the Team Kendra!!
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Our Mission

Offering Hope, Ending the Silence

Safe Harbor, a non-profit organization, provides shelter, supportive services and advocacy to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as education, awareness and resources to our community. Our dedication to these objectives reflects our belief in the right of all individuals to a self-determined life free of violence.


Helping survivors achieve a life
free of violence

Safe Harbor Crisis Center offers survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault a safe place to rebuild their lives, heal their spirits, and learn skills to create a future free of violence.

Stop violence now for the future

When children grow up in violent homes they often take that violence into their adult relationships as abusers or victims.MothersHugSafe Harbor services are designed to help mothers end the cycle of violence to achieve a peaceful future for themselves and their children.


How we do it

Safe Harbor offers a variety of classes led by trained professional that teach skills, build confidence, and help women become self-sufficient. These free classes are available in English and Spanish. There are also groups for kids and teens. Classes are available for parenting, individuals in the community and those in the shelter, and rape survivors. Learn more here.

Safe housing is essential for women and children in crisis. Safe Harbor provides emergency shelter for famiMOTHERANDBOYlies fleeing violence. Plus, the transitional housing program offers a secure home where residents are safe as they rebuild their lives. These services play a vital role in enabling families to escape the cycle of abuse.

Sexual assault crisis support is available 24-hours a day. The rape crisis response team provides personal advocacy and counseling for victims and families.

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9 thoughts on “

  1. Megan

    Do you offer any type of assistance or classes with advice for the family Family members of someone who is an abusive relationship we just don’t know how to handle it or what we should be doing how we can help

    1. Post author

      I am sorry you are in this difficult situation. I have forwarded your information to our Outreach Services Coordinator who will be able to help you. She should be in contact with you shortly. In the mean time here is a link to our Outreach page. If you need anymore information or help sooner please contact us at 801-444-9161.

  2. Kara Brown

    I have some very nice like new clothing items I would like to bring to you. I remember seeing an email from Davis County School District with a location but I can not find the email. Please let me know where I can drop of these items. Thank you

    1. Suzanne

      Can you use very gently used clothes? Many of them are proffessional clothes. Is there somewhere that would need them if you don’t?

      1. Post author

        Hi Suzanne, yes we have ladies who could definitely use them!! Thank you so much for thinking of us! Give us a call for more info, 801-444-3191 :)

  3. Vicky

    I have some used, but working, cell phones I would like to donate to your organization. What is the best time to do so?

    1. Post author

      Thank you so much for thinking of Safe Harbor! We are here all day to accept donations so whenever is convenient for you :) Give us a call if you have any other questions :) 801-444-9161


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